The Month Ahead – October 2017

Praat hier over nieuwe of toekomstige updates. Alle onderwerpen over updates die minder dan een maand in het spel zijn plaats je hier. Discussies over andere games van Jagex mogen hier ook.
Praat in dit forumdeel mee over recent nieuws of toekomstige updates. Mocht je een zodanig klein nieuwtje hebben dat deze echt niet in een apart discussietopic past, dan kun je in de Wacht Lounge terecht. Het is normaal gesproken echter de bedoeling dat er voor elke toekomstige update een apart discussietopic aangemaakt wordt, waarin tot de datum van release over deze update gesproken kan worden. Zodra de update er is, wordt de discussie door een moderator gesloten en kan er in het nieuw aangemaakte topic van Bot verder gediscussieerd worden.
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The Month Ahead – October 2017

Bericht door Bot » vrijdag 29 september 2017, 21:04

The Month Ahead – October 2017

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Mod Mark's here to take us through a spookily good October of content.

Dimension of the Damned

The first update to talk about this month is a brand new, completely free game mode called Dimension of the Damned. Combat, crafting and cooperation are the focus in this exciting, two-week zombie fest, where you control a fully maxed version of your normal account to fend off the flesh-eating horde.

Starting on the 16th of October, the gameplay is focussed around Falador and the rest of the free-to-play world, surrounded by legions of the dead, plaguing your every step as you venture forth from the safe zones to gather raw materials and build up your equipment.

Protect your group by constructing barricades, or use them to upset the competition in the area. Each player can earn points by killing the wide variety of zombie types - including 10-player boss encounters - which can be spent in Falador on loot boxes. Unique equipment, power-ups and useful materials can be found, helping you rack up more points and hopefully earn yourself an invitation to the unique endgame.

This grand finale will take place on the 28th of October. Each invited player starts fresh with zero points, but this time, death is permanent. Over the course of two hours, the world slowly shrinks in size with more and more monsters spawning until finally, only one player remains. Unique prizes and glorious recognition await!

Since the update is totally free AND all accounts start at max level, it's a great time to buddy up with new friends and old.

More Free-to-Play Content

In fact, free players have it really good this month, with a big batch of previously members-only content becoming available to all.

This is the biggest bundle of newly free-to-play content to date, including seven quests, the Fletching skill, two D&Ds, the Warriors' Guild, craftable off-hands, crossbows, more places to explore and more magical and ranged armour. Phew!

There really has never been a better time to pop in-game and give RuneScape a go, so if you've got any friends sitting on the fence, be sure to bring them in.

Hallowe'en Ghost Stories

Sticking strongly with supernatural spookery, the Hallowe'en update this year focusses on storytelling. You'll uncover sad tales from tormented ghosts around the world and solve some putrid puzzles to help put them to rest.

Half the stories from this miniquest have been taken directly from fantastic player submissions, the other half written by some of RuneScape's talented JMods. Available - in part - to free players as well as members, rewards include a new Hallowe'en emote, title and a great cosmetic outfit that allows you to become a headless rider!


If you're looking for something less gruesome, check out Novtumberfest!

It's the first outing of Gielinor's thirst-quenching beer festival - a massive beach-style event with plenty of great activities to tuck into as you take a break from the weighty duties of the World Guardian.

Try out the new seasonal minigame, Kegger, practice table dancing and ride the giant carousel, or join in on the latest epic bar crawl across the world. Plenty of rewards await, including barrel pets, wolpertingers, thigh-slapping outfits, new dance emotes, and a healthy chunk of XP too.

CS Week

October also sees the return of Count Check to the bright lights of Lumbridge, fully motivated to teach you more about the benefits of account security.

Earn free Keys every day simply for using the multitude of options we have to help keep your account safe. Free security-inspired clue scrolls are also available every day directly from the Count, as well as XP lamps and even some competitions. Look out for more information next week!

In other news...

I'd like to tell you about a new charity event that happening in October. Similar to the Gielinorian Giving event back in May, you'll have the chance to gain some in-game charity tokens through normal play, earning yourself some unique armour.

You can also spend RuneCoins on a brand new cape, or the items from the May event, if you missed out first time.

All the proceeds from RuneCoin purchases on those special items will go directly to our chosen charities - Mind, YMCA and the Prince's Trust, whom many of you will have met or seen at RuneFest this year!

Ah, RuneFest - it really was a cracker this year. Thanks for making it so awesome. If you haven't done so yet, make sure you check out the videos available on our YouTube and Twitch.

Speaking of Twitch, viewers who've connected their RuneScape account to the Twitch account will also be able to start earning unique rewards, starting with the Twitching Orb pet. Tune into Tuesday's month ahead live stream at 4pm game time to grab yours!

Finally, don't be surprised if you see some layout changes to the Grand Exchange. In a recent in-game poll, you voted to consolidate the Varrock GE into a single booth, so we've implemented the changes you asked for and taken the opportunity to tidy up the area a bit.

Talking of polls, we've also improved the poll systems by adding in-game bank locations with details of the polls, and removed the categories to give all decisions equal importance.

Have fun, W00ters out.

Mod Mark
Design Director - RuneScape

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Re: The Month Ahead – October 2017

Bericht door Zeekoe » vrijdag 29 september 2017, 22:22

Niet echt veel boeiends dus. :(

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Re: The Month Ahead – October 2017

Bericht door Gio » zaterdag 30 september 2017, 2:20

Ik ben wel hyped naar Dimension of the Damned. Voor de rest is het wel nice dat f2p meer dingen krijgen.

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Re: The Month Ahead – October 2017

Bericht door Holy Wallie » zaterdag 30 september 2017, 11:12

Rip quests 2017

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