RuneScape's 18th Birthday

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RuneScape's 18th Birthday

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RuneScape's 18th Birthday

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In an age where annualised games, console lifecycles and ongoing franchises can result in the tragic demise of all too many online games, we feel extremely privileged to say that RuneScape will celebrate its 18th birthday on January 4th. There are very, very few games that can boast anything like that sort of lifespan, but the credit should not be ours - it's yours. All of this would be entirely impossible without the ongoing support of our dedicated players, and we really cannot express strongly enough just how much it means to us that tens of thousands of you still turn up every day and choose to give your precious time to our game. 'Totes emosh', as the kids say.

It goes without saying that over the years we haven't always got it right. The thing about trying to satisfy a diverse player base, all of whom have different likes and wants, while trying to ensure a game remains economically viable, is that it's impossible to tick every box every time. But we sincerely hope we get it right often enough. Who knows, maybe another 18 years isn't out of the question? Despite the many challenges presented by the modern games industry, we have huge ambitions for the RuneScape universe and we hope that if we do right by you, you'll come with us on the journey. It's been an absolutely insane ride thus far, and we quietly dream that the best is yet to come.


We'd be over the moon if you'd join us on our official 18th Birthday Livestream on January 4th at 4pm GMT over on our Twitch channel. Several of our most popular Jmods will be on hand to talk about the good times we've had and the better times we hope are ahead.

Even more exciting will be the first chance to hear about all the competitions we're going to be running in celebration! There will be some legitimately great prizes available too, so if you're a RuneScape fan it's not something you're going to want to miss.

Please do feel free to share the love on social media using the #RuneScape18Years hashtag.


Also be sure to keep an eye out for the cake we will be handing out in-game on January 4th, which will once consumed offer certain, unspecified celebratory benefits! There will also be plenty of competitions and lots of RuneScapey presents up for grabs - but we'll stop there as we don't want to spoil the surprise!

Players will also spot some balloon drops around Gielinor's Lodestones, offering the chance to grab some useful - and occasionally amusing - rewards. Listen for the calls of the Lodestone announcers who will indicate when the festivities have begun!


Over the course of the month, we will be giving away lots of very special prizes to celebrate our 18 years. Here's what to expect:
  • Twitch: Join us on our 18th Birthday live stream, Bonds and goodies (including a limited edition Anniversary Max Cape Keyring also available in the official merch store) will be up for grabs. To make the stream that extra special we'll be joined by Andrew and Paul Gower for the first part of the stream!
  • Forums: Celebrate 18 years of Gielinorian adventures and you could win a very special trip to the Jagex offices. Discover where Gielinor was born, and how we make it better every day. Meet the JMods and live a truly unique moment you'll never forget! enter here (QF Code: 42-43-869-66072469)
  • Reddit: Let us know your fondest RuneScape memories for a chance to win a Fine Print Art of the Illustrated Map of Gielinor. Enter here.
  • Twitter: Share our competition tweet (launched later today) for a chance to win our freshly released RuneScape OST Classics and Orchestral Collection (CD & Vinyl).
  • Discord: Post your stories and screens (achievements, fails, fun moments, gorgeous screenshot, etc) on the #18th-birthday-competition channel for a chance to win signed goodies. Enter here.
And last but not least, throughout the month of January, share your favourite RS screens with #RuneScape18Years on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and via for a chance to win a unique hand-painted 3D-printed figurine of Hans, the first ever NPC to see the day in RuneScape.

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