Clan Chat + Discord; "The Hilltop"

Heb je een clan of clanchat en wil je deze promoten? Dan ben je in dit forumgedeelte aan het juiste adres. In dit forum kun je alle Runescape gerelateerde clans en clanchats promoten.
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Clan Chat + Discord; "The Hilltop"

Bericht door Falcon Thug » woensdag 5 december 2018, 15:32

:wub: Hello there!

You've just found the post of a BRAND NEW Oldschool Runescape Clan Chat!

The name of the clan chat in-game is; "The Hilltop"

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to participate in our Discord server, please send a message to; PM twisty#0154
, Cookie#2716, or Falcon Thug#0578

Founded 1/12/18


A little introduction;
At the moment we stand at 20 active members of which 3 moderators and 1 event manager, the goal is to become a medium sized clan with all kinds of players from all over the world, a clan where you can find someone to talk/play with any time of the day no matter what kind of player you are!


Current event - skill of the week: Cooking
Ends on Sunday 9th of December

Next event - bossing (boss to be voted for)
Will be held on saturday


1- Treat others with respect
2- NO advertising and/or spam of any kind.
3- NO botting/macroing of any kind
4- NO Scamming other players
5- NO joining other cc's to recruit for ours!
6- NO spamming in cc or discord!
7- NO asking for rank

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Re: Clan Chat + Discord; "The Hilltop"

Bericht door Hank1705 » donderdag 6 december 2018, 18:27

Topic gesloten i.v.m. engelse voertaal. Houd er rekening mee dat het forum nederlandstalig is. Voel je vrij om een nieuw topic te openen met nederlandse tekst.