Treasure Trails & Double XP Weekend

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Treasure Trails & Double XP Weekend

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Treasure Trails & Double XP Weekend

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X marks the spot! Clue Scrolls have always been popular with RuneScape's many super sleuths, and we're pleased to this week confirm a few changes that will make your Treasure Trails experience a little smoother. Also incoming are yet more improvements to Mining and Smithing, details about Gameblast 2019, an umbral chest promo, some fantastic new merch and (as if you need reminding) Double XP Weekend![/url]



If you're a RuneScape member and have not yet got involved with the Treasure Trails fun, this is the perfect time to do so. Keep an eye out for the clue scrolls that are dropped by monsters, found in chests, obtained from various skills or even pickpocketed from H.A.M. members.

Today, almost a year after the big Treasure Trails update, we're revisiting Treasure Trails and making a few improvements. Those looking to learn more about Treasure Trails - and keep tabs on their own clue solving performance - can learn more by seeking out Zaida and her pet yak Nigel. She can be found south west of the Grand Exchange's southern gate.

Here's a look at some of the changes we've made to Clue Scrolls:
  • Players will now be able to downgrade several Clue Scrolls at a time via Zaida, up to a cap of 25.
  • Taking a trip on the magic carpet will no longer stop Clue Scrolls from scanning.
  • The chance of clues swapping or progressing into the same clue has been significantly reduced. This change has been made with particular thought for those using the Globetrotter outfit.
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  • Artisans' workshop respect enhancer will now consume one charge and double the respect for each 0.25% respect earned when an item is made in the workshop.
  • Mining crablets will no longer deplete stamina, meaning they can be mined AFK as was previously the case prior to the Mining and Smithing Rework. However, their XP return has also been reduced.
  • An ore box can now be used on a deposit box, in a similar fashion to a gem bag or coal bag, to empty the ore box's contents into your bank without depositing the ore box.

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  • The Summoning Swap interface has been standardised so it now functions similarly to a crafting interface. This means it remembers your previous selection, and allows you to confirm by pressing space.
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It's been known for RuneScape and Old School to exchange the odd scowl, and to perhaps hurl the occasional sandwich across the playground at one another. But such is the power of Gameblast that both eras of RuneScape are joining forces!

Gameblast 2019 takes place this weekend (February 22nd-24th) and streamers from both the RuneScape and Old School camps are joining forces to raise money for the incredibly wonderful charity Special Effect. We're sure you know all about the very important work Special Effect does, but if you don't you can read more here.


You can donate to United Communities of RuneScape GameBlast19 here. That's also the page to find out more info about very exciting RuneScape Gameblast eBay auctions, and on all the details on how to get involved with the RuneScape activities.

And if you want to go that extra mile then it's not too late to sign up yourself. GameBlast is the perfect way to have fun AND raise money to level the playing field for people with physical disabilities. It's an event that genuinely changes lives, and we're so very proud of the massive contribution the RuneScape community has made in the past.

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And as if the stars have aligned in recognition, Gameblast 2019 also coincides with Double XP Weekend. Why not enjoy a fantastic XP boost while you raise money and help change lives? In the words of Blackadder, it's a plan so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel.

Double XP Weekend runs from Friday 22nd February 12:00 Game Time to Monday 25th February 11:59 Game Time. You can read more about it in the February Month Ahead .

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From today (February 18th) until March 10th, anyone who buys the 450 Treasure Hunter key package will also get a free Umbral Chest. Each chest contains a guaranteed purple prize. Furthermore, the offer is unlimited, so feel free to take advantage as many times as you like!

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This is a reminder that Premier Club 2018 chests will be removed on February 25th, so if you've not yet claimed yours then act now to make sure you don't miss out!

In addition, after a whole month of extended availability, Premier Club 2019 Gold membership will be unavailable to purchase from Sunday 3rd March, 23:59 Game Time. Which leaves only a few days to seize the opportunity of our best value RuneScape membership offer: become a Premier Club 2019 Gold member!

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In celebration of the one year anniversary of the RuneScape Angels Scapes range, we're delighted to reveal a new Limited Edition Pink Max Cape Keyring! That's just one of a few new lines heading to the RuneScape store, such as the new Slayer Necklace and Plagues End Mug.


All of the new items arrive on February 22nd, so make sure to set a reminder to visit the site.

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Our live streams are always a great opportunity to grab some awesome in-game prizes. Each and every stream watched will give you a guaranteed random drop from one of the following: Prismatic small fallen star, Prismatic medium fallen star, Prismatic small lamp, Prismatic medium lamp, Spirit Ruby, Spirit Diamond, Advanced Pulse Core, Spring, Silverhawk down, Medium DG Token Box, Small DG Token Box, Uncut Dragonstone, Large Cash Bag, Medium Cash Bag or Small Cash Bag.

Exciting isn't it?! So don't wait up - connect your RS account to your Twitch account and find out more here. Once that's done, have fun and watch our streams during the day for a guaranteed drop.

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Each week, we host developer Q&As, exclusive in-game first looks and more. And it's all live on our Twitch channel, join us! Missed a stream? Don't worry, we keep them all on our YouTube channel. Be sure to Subscribe to be the first to know.

Tuesday, February 19th - 17:00 UTC (Game Time) - Elite Dungeons Special: Lore, Art, Audio

Now that the sandy pillars of the Temple of Aminishi and the volcanic depths of the Dragonkin Laboratory have been conquered, it's time to open the third and final book on our epic Trilogy: Elite Dungeons 3: The Shadow Reef. Come, we've got one special live stream for you as we'll deep our toes in the waters of this new adventure, with an exclusive first look at its lore, art and audio!Of course, we won't be unveiling all the secrets of the Ambassador's vile design yet, this is for another time... *whisper* February 25th.

LootScape will be enabled (see all details above).

Sunday, February 24th - 19:00 UTC (Game Time) - Double XP Skill'n'Chill with Mod Lee

Our resident PvM expert Mod Lee knows no fear and he's ready to take you all on another round of boss mass this Sunday. However... bosses are getting a week to rest up as it's time to earn DOUBLE XP! Let's all hang out and skill together as we bask in the glory of Double XP Weekend!

LootScape will be enabled (see all details above).

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Of course, adventures continue in Gielinor even when we're too busy (PKing) creating the adventures of tomorrow. Our PMods are here to welcome you in a range of PvM Boss Masses, Events and Q&As each week. Check out all the community events organised by the Pink Skirts on their official schedule here

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The RuneScape Team

Patch notes


Auto-regenerate will no longer give you a message that it has failed to activate if no adrenaline is available.
Ex-members in free-to-play worlds will no longer be able to use shield abilities whilst still wielding a members only shield.
Prevented teleporting using a PoH mounted amulet of glory on F2P worlds.
Players can now use magic notepaper to note dark bows.
Corrected main hand blurite sword's damage value.
The Super Prayer Renewal buff will no longer display the wrong icon after the player teleports via a Lodestone.
Checking the special rewards, within the beasts tab of the adventures interface, that you can get from a monster with many drops will no longer cause odd behaviour when subsequently inspecting a monster with not many drops.
Secondary action bar keybinds will now function when the main action bar is minimised.
The Ripper demon jumping mechanic will now consistently fire when they reach maximum adrenaline.
Interfaces that grey and lock the use of keybinds will no longer show keybinds as available if the action bars are updated.
When looting Solak and rolling on the Torn grimoire page droptable, you will have another chance to roll a second page.

Mining and Smithing

Artisans' workshop respect enhancer will now consume one charge and double the respect for each 0.25% respect earned when an item is made in the workshop.
An ore box can now be used on a deposit box, in a similar fashion to a (spirit) gem bag or coal bag, to empty the ore box's contents into your bank without depositing the ore box.
The Resourceful Aura will once again display a text message if you've gained an extra Crystal-Flecked or Red Sandstone when mining
Options to toggle off getting sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic geodes has been added to the Settings interface.
In-progress Smithing items can now be used on forges to heat them up instead of displaying the nothing interesting happens message.
The hitpoints of lower-level gem rocks have been reduced in line with earlier fixes to Prifddinas gem rocks. (hotfix)
Mining crablets no longer depletes stamina, so they can be mined AFK as before. Their hitpoints have been lowered so that a crablet is typically mined in a little under 5 minutes. The XP from mining crablets has been reduced to compensate.
Fixed an empty cell in the Mining skillguide.


Players will now receive a unique message when damage reducing items (such as defenders or warpriest armour) proc from environmental damage.
Master skillcape keepsake overrides will now consistently stay active when logging in to a F2P world.
Issues causing players to not be able to reclaim their Family Crest gloves have been resolved.
The shadow gem battleaxe override now appears in the axes filter, rather than daggers/
Diango has thrown out the 'fleshy parchment' bingo card.
An issue causing some players to not be able to combine the Death, Law and Blood ethereal leg pieces has been fixed.
The Divine-o-matic vacuum is now always lost on death.
The flame sword enchantment no longer appears on swagger stick at all as it was causing issues.


Some grammatical oddities around the Amulet of glory (c) have been resolved.
A typo in the dialogue with the Jungle Foresters has been fixed.
Removed unnecessary comma from 'Search a barrel outside the mill in Taverley' clue scroll.
Improved messaging when not having met the requirements to force a task with a slayer mask.
The forward and back tooltips on the quest interface are now translated.
Updated the login message for Postie Pete when he has lost property that you can claim to include that it can be obtained from the letter, to avoid confusion when Postie Pete has left.
Phil and Delphie will have something to say once the post quest content is completed after the new Chef's Assistant quest - they were oddly quiet beforehand.
Corrected some grammar inconsistencies on (c) teleport items to state 1 charge remaining (rather than 1 charges) and 2 remaining charges etc.


Changed position of text 'floor' on dungeoneering floor selector interface.
Tweaked DG floor select interface to make it clearer.
Fixed an issue that blocked the quest accept screen from being displayed for the Mourning's End quest meaning the quest could not be started on mobile.
Various UI improvements and bugs fixed found after launch of POP interface reskin.
The icons for Gunpowder and Black Slate have been corrected, previously they had swapped.
The Captain's Log once again defaults to Ship Status when opened.
Moved some text on Ship interface (In the voyage information at the bottom).
Moved the crew information to the right hand side so you can still see resources.
The crew drop-down is now taller so the information fits better inside the frame.
Made text boxes bigger on ship parts to improve visibility.
Moved 3D captains head down 10 pixels on the Crew Roster interface.
Added a divider line in the voyage frame to separate the name of the voyage from the information.
Resized the voyage interface down slightly.


Corrected a quest giver NPC focus issue that prevented the Pieces of Hate and Spirit of Summer quests from being started.
Players will now be able to use their POH butler to escort guest to their throne room.
Twitch Prime packages will no longer be delivered in Stealing Creation
Updated the colour on the message from cyan to blue, when catching a blue wisp in the Wisps of the Grove DnD.
Changed a message to inform players they have chopped some bamboo rather than logs.
Players will inform Aminishi maoi that she well be taken to Waiko instead of Aminishi.
The options menu in legacy interface mode will now close when using the ESC key.
The Event tab on the community interface is now correctly appears locked during event down times.
An issue where a player wouldn't be correctly assigned to a team during Stealing Creation, which would then disconnect them every time they were killed has been fixed.
Renamed a timer in Death's office.
The screen will no longer fade to black when trying to enter the cave on white wolf mountain on a F2P world.
A Frog Spawn fishing spot in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves has been moved to a more appropriate location than it was previously at
The tooltip for the Redemption prayer now mentions its Prayer point draining effect.
Added some of the latest quests to the Featured tab on the Adventures interface.
Players should now correctly be able to call follower pets that are stored or appear in the PoH menagerie via the Customisations interface.
After completing the Elder Kiln and Brink of Extinction quest, you can now reclaim the quest's combat lamp from TzHaar-Mej-Jeh/TzHaar-Mej-Ak in TzHaar City plaza if you destroy it.
Added chocolate cake to A Tail of Two Cats quest overview required items section.
Made a change to Shattered Worlds that should stop rifts from spawning on inaccessible tiles
Additional checks have been implemented to try and minimise or eliminate the chance for clues to swap or progress into the same clue.
There is now a confirmation option when entering a deathmatch lobby via the Edgeville PvP hatch.
Celebration lamps now have the use all interface enabled.
Fixed an issue where null was appearing when using Eagle's Peak Lodestone keybind.
Brought summoning pouch & scroll trade-in interface up to standard.
Updated the magic spellbook for visual consistency with other icons of the same type, like those found on the ribbon.
Scan clue scrolls will now re-open again when leaving a carpet ride.
Blocked tiles in the earth altar have been removed.
Using clue scrolls on Zaida now allows you to downgrade more than one clue scroll at a time, up to the normal cap of 25 clues of the target tier.
We've fixed inverted checks on six hard clue scrolls which, if you now have the requirement for them will appear when doing hard clues, details below
Riddle for General Bentnoze (must have completed Dragon Slayer)
Riddle for Lord Iorwerth (must have completed Underground Pass)
Riddle for crossroads in eceteria (must have completed Fremenik trials)
Riddle for Shadows of Mort'on (Have access to Morytania)
Riddle for Shilo Village (requires Shilo Village access)
Riddle for Ranging Guild (requires level 40+ range)

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